Talent Referral Rewards

Manu Forti Recruitment offers a referral scheme where you can recommend talented individuals for job opportunities in B2B media, events, and SaaS companies. If your referral gets hired, you receive a cash reward typically worth £250 to £400.

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Referral Rewards

Earn Cash Rewards for Referrals.

Join our referral program and start earning cash rewards by recommending talented sales and marketing professionals for job opportunities in London. Your referrals can lead to rewarding outcomes for both you and the candidates.

Cash Rewards for Referrals

By participating in our referral scheme, you have the opportunity to earn cash rewards for each successful referral you make. It's a great way to help others find job opportunities while benefiting yourself.
Cash Rewards for Referrals

Confidential Referrals

Rest assured that your referrals can remain anonymous if you prefer. We respect your privacy and ensure that the recruitment process is conducted discreetly, allowing you to still be eligible for rewards without revealing your identity.
Confidential Referrals

Streamlined Process

Our referral program has a straightforward process - simply provide the necessary details of your referral via email, and we'll take care of the rest. Stay informed about the progress and potential rewards through seamless communication.
Streamlined Process

Earn Rewards by Referring Talent

Get Rewarded for Referrals.

Cash Rewards
Earn cash rewards by referring qualified sales and marketing professionals for job opportunities in London's B2B media, events, and SaaS companies through our referral scheme.
Anonymity Option
You can refer talented individuals anonymously by providing their contact details to us. Your identity will be kept confidential throughout the recruitment process, and you still qualify for a cash reward if your referral is successful.
Easy Participation
Participating in the Refer a Friend scheme is simple. Just send an email to [email protected] with the name and contact details of the person you wish to refer, along with your own contact information to receive updates on your cash reward.
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Trusted Referral Program.

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