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We’re entering that tricky period where planning really helps.
  • Four teams didn’t play last week.
  • Man City and Stoke might have double game weeks in GW 27 (we’ll know tomorrow night).
  • Only ten teams play in GW 28
I didn’t manage to get out 11 players last week. But neither did most people. Of the top 5 teams in the media industry league nobody fielded eleven players. So maybe it’s not such a problem. Let’s have a look at these top five teams to compare how they’re going to fare for the blanks and DGWs ahead. Firstly, they are as follows:
Top 5 after GW 27
Who’s been taking hits?
  • Danny took a 4 point hit for GW 26. He’s used to taking hits and it seems to be working out for him (coupled with often picking the right captain).
  • Nick doesn’t take hits. He’s taken none this season plus he’s saved last week’s transfer so he’s well set up for the blanks in GW 28.
  • Like Danny, Curtis is used to hits and took a four pointer last week.
  • Ediz has taken 5 x four point hits this season but didn’t need any for last week.
  • Sam’s not taken a hit since GW 7 so he’s trying to be more sparing.
So who’s going to need to take hits for the blanks?
  • Danny can currently field 4 players for GW 28. If he doesn’t use this week’s transfer and saves it then this can make it 6 players. So either Danny takes a massive hit or simply writes off the GW. If he does that though then he might lose first place which he’s held for ages.
  • Nick can currently field 8 players. As noted above, he’s saved a transfer so he’ll be good to field at least 10, maybe 11.
  • Curtis has 6 currently plus Phillips who’s injured so who knows. If he saves this week’s transfer and takes an 8 point hit he could field ten-ish.
  • Ediz has 8 players plus Phillips. He should be good for GW 28.
  • Sam has 5 plus Carroll and Holgate. So probably 6 really.
The above numbers could even be lower for some as those holders of Pieters will lose him too if City beat Huddersfield tomorrow. Perhaps they can use their wild cards? Nope. Only one person (Ediz) from these top 5 teams hasn’t used their wild card. I’d save it anyway. Given the DGWs coming up after 30 then surely that’s going to give Ediz a strong hand to play. Added to all this is the potential Man City DGW in 27. Are teams going to save their transfers for 28 or spend them to get in City players? Maybe two hits to get in and captain, or triple captain, Aguero? I can see lots of teams being tempted. But then you’re really screwed for GW 28. These weeks could be key for those battling to head up the league. What’s your plan Danny? Ediz is 43 points behind, is well set up for GW 28 and still has his wild card. Keep picking your captains correctly I think is the way forward! Here’s the Top 10 after 26 weeks: Top 10 after 26 weeks

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