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Danny Frondigoun is still top of the media industry mini league ranked an impressive 7000th globally. But there are chinks in his armour. What are they?
  1. Nick French is only 31 points behind which isn’t a massive gap. Curtis Reed is just 50 points behind plus there’s a whole pack of chasers close behind him.
  2. Danny’s played his wild card. I’m surprised by this but, then again, what do I know? Danny’s kicking my butt. The reason I’m surprised is because we will have double game weeks coming up in Feb/ March as we get fixture congestion. Last season showed that if you play your wild card the week before to get your team sorted, then you play your bench boost the following week to try and get, effectively, 30 players out for the game week. Danny and Curtis have played their wild cards. Nick, however, has all his chips intact.
  3. Danny’s squad value is low at £101.3m. Danny’s not played the value in the market but simply gone for the points. It’s been working well for him but will he run out of money in comparison with other players in the top 10,000? Nick’s team is worth £103.3 by comparison so he can buy ‘more player’.
  4. Danny’s bench is weak despite playing the wildcard. He has a non-playing keeper and Kingsley who’s effectively a non-playing defender. Perhaps he’s had to do this because his team’s value is low. The ramification is that he has to play Randolph in goal each week for West Ham. That’s just 3 clean sheets in the last 11 games and who’s up next? Man City.
So it’s all to play for, especially for those who still have their wild card intact. Nick is particularly well placed but for those in the pack behind Curtis, they too can make big gains. Here’s the top 10 after GW 22: GW 22 top 10 media

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