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LinkedIn has just posted the top 10 terms that are overused in professional profiles in the United States in 2011. They’re defined as ‘overused’ to suggest they should be avoided if you wish for your CV or LinkedIn profile to stand out. On the whole I find this an interesting list to note and would recommend that most terms are handled with care if they’re going to be used at all. The concern is that anyone can write on their CV that they’re ‘creative’, ‘motivated’ or ‘effective’. But why should the employer believe this CV as opposed to the other 50 that say the same thing? If you’re going to include these terms then you need to back them up with solid examples. Typically these are terms one finds in the ‘Personal Summary’ section at the beginning of the CV. As a result, the majority of these summaries are almost worthless. A classic example is applicants’ need to write how they’re ‘a team player but able to work on their own’. This is hugely cliched on CVs and best avoided. Your work history and achievements can speak for themselves. Use the interview process to demonstrate how gregarious you are. Here’s the list: 1.    Creative 2.    Organizational 3.    Effective 4.    Extensive experience 5.    Track record 6.    Motivated 7.    Innovative 8.    Problem solving 9.    Communication skills 10.    Dynamic The full article appears here

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