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Media Sales Fantasy Football League
The weekend just gone seems to have been an important one for those teams battling it out in The Premiership as dropped points for both Man City and Chelsea looks to have handed a strong advantage to Liverpool. Much the same can be said for our very own media sales league as Steve has managed to consolidate his position with a robust performance and Kermit’s Finger has somewhat withered. Indeed Jamil Ahad’s (of the ADBA) excellent week means he could even challenge for second spot. Barring a catastrophe, Steve cannot be caught. Can the same be said for Liverpool? Not really. Lose to Chelsea and it’s classic ‘squeaky bum time’. Nevertheless, Chelsea’s Champs League appearances are a welcome distraction for us Liverpool fans. Excellent representation within the league from Centaur’s The Lawyer by the way. Nic Losardo, Paul Clarke and Richard Edwards are all within the Top 10. Bit competitive are you chaps? The big news this morning, of course, is that Moyes has gone. Check out the blog on Eurosport which has a hilarious image from the doomed ‘savemoyes’ campaign: Media Sales Fantasy Football league

Post Author: Ewan McKay

Ewan runs a recruitment business specialising in sales jobs and marketing jobs for media companies.

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