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So, after a ‘huge’ double game week, plus one more week, not that much has really changed. I think it’s partly because so many teams had a double game week that nearly everyone could field 9/ 10/ 11 players who would play two games in one week. This meant the differential was minimised. Simon Pitney of The Express had an excellent game week placing 25,000 nationally with 82 points. Whilst looking at Simon’s score I notice he’s made 46 transfers. This sounds like quite a lot to me. Can anyone beat that? It also asks the question, is it good to spend points to make the relevant transfers? or are we better trying not to keep spending additional 4 points here and there? My understanding from the top performers for the league nationally in previous seasons is that it’s best not to spend points. In our own league Steve Connolly backs that up with just 30 transfers to-date and he sits at 14,000 nationally. However when looking at Luke Weston, who’s No 1 in the world with a stonking 2243 points, he’s also made 46 transfers, the same as Simon. I’ve tried to hold back on these 4 pointers as much as possible this year but I might try going transfer-heavy next year. Thoughts? Unless anyone can make a significant move then it looks like it’s still very much a two horse race with only 34 points separating 1 and 2 which can be closed with one correct, or incorrect, Captaincy. Who will dare NOT to captain Suarez? Good on you Phil for keeping this tight because Steve, you’re playing a blinder. Game Week 32

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