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Media Sales Fantasy Football League
So we’re in the middle of a hugely important Gameweek which is seeing some massive numbers posted. Simon Pitney of The Express newspapers has racked up a whopping 116 points already thanks to the inclusion of the likes of Rooney and Skrtel on top of the familiar other characters (Yaya, Suarez, Lallana, etc.) which places him 30,000 for the Gameweek. I, like many others, kept Lallana on the bench which can be painful to see especially when drafting in the likes of Bardsley instead (doh). One point of note from this GW is how similar many teams are and how it’s difficult to make a difference unless you step away from the template. You hear that Yaya and Suarez scored a hat-trick and think, “I’m having a good GW here.” But then you see that, of course, so is everyone else. Who will be the differentials in the final few weeks? Here’s the league view mid-Gameweek: Mid GW 31 Of note at the top is seeing Phil Davison close in on Steve Connolly. The gap is still significant but not unsurmountable. Phil’s now in the top 50,000. From Jamil Ahad onwards it’s then pretty tight. Let’s see how the rest of the GW pans out.  

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