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Media Sales Fantasy Football League
The latest update is that Steve Connolly of Intent Media is now kicking some serious butt in the media sales league. Coming in at 19,000 nationally, with a 42 point cushion over Phil Davison of Incisive, it’s impressive stuff. Is it insurmountable? No, because there’s still a long way to go and it depends how everyone plays the next double game weeks and missing games. But it’s definitely Steve’s to lose. He is an Arsenal fan though and maybe, like Arsene’s nose-bleeding players, the wheels will fall off as he approachs the line. But few mistakes have been made to date. Not something I can say as I seem to have made every mistake going including not captaining Suarez this weekend for the first GW for ages. Of note over the last few weeks has been Reaz Rahman’s (Global Reach Partners) ascent on the back of captaining Sturridge. Reaz missed GW 1 so to be 8th in the league is hugely impressive. GW 1 produced an average of 63 points so if we add this to his score then he’d be close behind Steve. Dario – what’s happened? You’re 41st now when you were top 10. So there’s going to be some key decisions made over the next couple of weeks and I imagine a few points will be spent. How many players will we all turn out next week and who can make the most of the big double game week? Here’s the table as it stands: Week 28   As an aside, my cousin wrote an article about whether or not it’s OK to support two teams which has been published by The Guardian. Check it out if you’re either for or against:

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