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This week has seen a number of the big name strikers not really providing whether through injury – Aguero – or because someone else on the team keeps scoring instead – Sturridge. Most will own Suarez already though and it’s seemingly something of a risk to double up on one team. But with the seeming reliability that SAS offers maybe they offer a strong differential from everybody else in the league. The likes of Giroud, Adebuyor, Rodriguez, etc., could be better options but I’ve tried Giroud (most have?) and he’s just not prolific. Maybe SAS is The option. The league’s starting to be stretched somewhat as Steve Connolly and Phil Davison have been steadily improving week on week. Nationally both are now in the top 30,000. I’m clinging on but my sale of Yaya Toure a couple of weeks ago looks to have been rash, especially since Aguero’s injury. As a Sunderland fan, Phil’s benefiting from Adam Johnson’s form both in the Barclays Premiership and in the real league of media sales. Who else would back Johnson though other than a Sunderland fan? Alvin Leeward’s Blackelona (of the TSL) has pushed up into the Top 5 after a very up and down season. He was over 800,000 at one point but continues to improve his position both nationally and in the league. Lots to play for, and don’t forget there’s a double Game Week in a few weeks when both Manchester clubs play twice. Any wildcards left? After GameWeek 24

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