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Media Sales Fantasy Football League
Happy New Year to all, The games came thick and fast over the festive period and some less familiar names at the top of the league made significant progress in December as the image below of December’s performance shows. Immediate Media’s Peter Jones’ team, Taniwha, placed 2nd, with 6 green arrows during the period,  and Mark Choi’s The Choibots gained about 500,000 places in the process. Good work – can you make a run in the second half of the season? Of note for the entire league is Intent Media’s Steve Connolly and his team, Inter Europe, who has made continuous progress pretty much all season …   December Top 5 … he now sits on top of the league with some daylight from the pack. At one point earlier in the season he was placed 1,538,118 nationally. He’s now 41,000. Impressive. Top 15 after Gameweek 21 We now have the January wild card at our disposal unless anyone has disposed of it already. Not sure how useful it’s going to be at this time – is anyone desperate for it? Guess it means we’ll all largely be finishing January with very similar teams?? Well done to Richard Myles by the way who’s back on the first page – you’re 50th, just. Is anyone still in the cup competition?

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