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It’s been three game weeks since I’ve posted and whilst few points separate innumerable teams near the top, one man has managed to pull away at the top thanks to an inspired captaincy of Suarez away at White Hart Lane. Well done Richard Edwards of Centaur’s The Lawyer. I know Suarez is a bit obvious but away at the Lane I wasn’t expecting much, especially without Gerrard and Sturridge. If you can double a score as large as Suarez’s this week (22) then it makes the doubling of an Aguero or Lukaka 5 look paltry. So we now have a fair gap at the top with everyone packing in right behind. Top 15 Gameweek 16 Hey Martin Cheng (The Economist) – did we place a bet on the Spurs game? I think it was £10 per goal wasn’t it? Anyway, poor old AVB has gone. Nightmare. I read last week that Maradona was being talked up for the position??? Previous strong performers in the league have dropped down a bit – Dave Salisbury, Robert Harris, (Elliott Dennahy – what’s going on?) – but are still very much in the hunt. Can anyone make a move up the ladder from near the bottom? Richard Myles (Flume) – you need to move off the second page, you’re one click too far. Differentials to be considered going forwards: does Welbeck’s performance at the head of United make him an option? Is Lukaku REALLY going to deliver in this good run of fixtures? How severe is Aguero’s injury? When does Baines return? Will Martin Cheng cough up? Good luck.

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