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Media Sales Fantasy Football League
As December starts and we approach the fast-flowing fixtures of Christmas and the New Year, the media sales league remains very tight with just 60 points separating the top 15 teams. Top performers last month were Phil Davison of Incisive Media, Simon Pitney of The Express and , in first place, Richard Edwards of Centaur. I’m guessing you guys captained Aguero most weeks, perhaps interspersed with a bit of Suarez from time to time. They have been killing it. 2013 Nov Top 3 The importance of choosing the right captain seems massive when you have players putting in the numbers as these two forwards have been doing. Last season most of the points were coming from the midfield but, Ramsey aside, it’s just not been like that this season. Maybe teams are setting up differently? For sure, it pays to put your money into strikers currently¬†as they continue to be the main source of points: Points by position   Robert Harris of Trinity Mirror has reassumed top spot in the league and is ranked 38,000 nationally so congratulations to him. But the top places seem to be changing regularly right now reflecting how close the competition is within the league. Get your captain right or wrong and it means you’re up or down 6/7 places for the week. Fair play to you Robert for picking Remy. I know he’s on fire but I just can’t commit to backing a Newcastle striker. Post Gameweek 13  

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