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With only one weekend to go, incredibly, Steve Connolly has been overhauled at the top of the league owing to an excellent week from Phil Davison of Incisive. Though his GW rank is 210,000 I can’t help but wonder if lots of ghost ship teams took points here because looking at our league, this was an excellent number with only Robert Harris of Trinity Mirror topping it. How was this achieved? A good captaincy of Nasri when so many of us went with Aguero, plus the inclusion of Dzeko (team below). I’ve found the latter so frustrating as he comes in and out and can score loads or little. I’ve had him in my team of course. Who hasn’t? But Phil’s got him at the right time. Kermit's Finger GW 37 Phil’s progress this season has been impressive moving from 1,000,000+ progressively to the top 100,000 in GW 16 and he hasn’t exited since. Each time I’ve crept into the top 100,000 this season I’ve slipped out again very quickly. It’s tough to stay in there because all teams are well managed at this level. Kermit's finger The gap to Steve Connolly is now 27 points. So not insurmountable and all to play for. Of additional note is the battle over at Centaur towers between Paul Clarke and Richard Edwards. Paul works for Richard and is pipping him by 15 points. Perhaps a strategic move for your¬†career Paul might be to captain someone like Van Wolfswinkel?

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