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OK, so last time I wrote that “Barring a catastrophe, Steve cannot be caught.” I take it back. Steve took a hit on points for transfers and then didn’t find the right captain this week (see below) which means nothing is concluded yet. Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 14.13.44 I think we all suffered with the likes of Coleman and a number of the midfield ‘big-hitters’ not performing. But Suarez’s lack of form means he’s not banging them in right now. A Rooney, Giroud, Mata or Ozil captaincy seemed to be the way to go and others in the league nailed it meaning it’s now actually quite tight with Phil Davison only 10 points behind and Paul Clarke (awesome GW btw) 29 back. Paul has high-end experience in the game and could very well be the dark horse of this league. Media Sales League Fantasy Football GW 36 There’s some double game week action taking place next week. Will we see a new leader after its over?

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