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Media Sales Fantasy Football League
As the month of October draws to a close, a quick look at the best performers for the month throws up some new teams. Owen Boyne of the FT has produced not only a good month for October but he’s received only green arrows since GameWeek 4 onwards moving from 1,805,000 to 611,000. He’s ranked 24th overall in the league but his team looks solid so one to watch perhaps. Adam Smith of IHS has similarly been struggling in the media sales league, currently languishing at 50th, but had a strong October. With double Chelsea exposure in the midfield plus Nasri then might too much money remain on the bench each week?? Robert Harris of GAAPWeb tops October’s numbers but he’s a regular at the top of the league, currently lying 2nd, as we can see for the overall league graphic further down. October As for the league as a whole, Michael Brooks still tops the charts, though his national ranking is falling giving opportunities to those following of whom there’s quite a chasing pack. Paul Clarke of Centaur is still ominously well placed. Clearly, captaining Suarez was a big plus this week but teams still scored well who didn’t do this largely owing to many of the other big names still doing well – Aguero, RVP, Lukaku, Giroud, Rooney etc. What amazes me is how many teams are queuing up to be relegated this season. Also, for how long can Southampton keep up their form? And why did Andros Townsend score a goal in the only week when I benched him? Unbelievable. Good luck. AfterGameweek9  

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