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After a fairly high-scoring weekend for managers up and down the country, like so many of us I’m left to ponder a number of questions: why didn’t I buy Ozil and Barkley ages ago? After some price rise when is it too late to add a player, or do you just suck it up? Also, is there room for Aguero up top? It seems like there’s loads of good striker options this year, rather than the obligatory RVP plus two others last year. The mid field options are more affordable than ever owing to the likes of  Barkley, Ramsey, Townsend, etc. Again, last year this became a template of about 5 people which made movement in the league static. All of this allows monies for a solid defence at the back. So for change, and the possibility of improving your league ranking, then this season offers many opportunities. Foe Exhibit A see Trinity Mirror’s Robert Harris (who also happens to be our league’s top scorer this week with 78 points) who’s enjoying a polemic season to-date. He was placed at 9000-odd in Week 2, dropped to 383,000 by Week 6 and is now back up to 62,000 already. What happened? I guess everyone asks similar questions of themselves unless you’re Michael Brooks who, despite a humble 47 points is still ranked within the top 10,000 nationally.   Top 10 after Week 8 There’s been quite a bit of movement into and out of the top 10 over the 8 weeks to-date and I’m sure we’ll continue to see much more movement as the season progresses. If RVP puts on his shooting boots will this change things? Can Arsenal continue in this rich vein of form? Surely not Mr Connolly. I’ll review the month of October next week.

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