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Media Sales Fantasy Football League
Afternoon all, The media sales league has seen a number of changes of position over the last two game weeks although one thing remains constant with Michael Brooks’ Reem Team III ruling the roost placed 4246 nationally (despite scoring 691,947 for this game week). It’s a well balanced team from Michael but who on earth is this Kelvin Davis in goal? A serious contender is hot on his heels though in Paul Clarke from Centaur who has history with the game finishing in 5015 place nationally in 2010/2011. His modestly named ‘Token Team’ may not be too token after all, though the wild card has been splashed. In third place is Tim Townsend’s Tippin Town FC whose progressive green arrows have taken him to 39,000. His best placed finish though was last year at 653,000 so I’m wondering if a nose bleed will be on the cards in time. For those sporting Aguero at the head of the attack in the last two game weeks it’s been a mercurial performance. Exhibit A being demonstrated by Richard Edward’s Heisenberg who racked up 71 points in Week 5 moving from 210,000 to 52,000 nationally only to sneak 39 points in Game Week 6, with his captain Aguero not playing, and returning to 207,000. It’s been a similar bone of contention for RVP owners (I spent 8 points to fit him into my side, doh!). The trouble is that as bad as Man U are at the moment you know he’s going to come good at some point. It’s still early doors (insert your own football cliche here), of course. Special mention goes to Phil Davison’s Kermit’s Finger which has smashed into the Top 10 this week with a top scoring 83 points (which includes -4 for two transfers) and he didn’t even have Lukaku. Another Wild card spent in game week 5 means this is exactly the kind of line up you want right now.     Game Week 6

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