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A quick check up on the league after this weekend shows lots of movement and some inspired choices. Pick of the performers was Simon Thurston with a whopping 80 (ranked 9000 odd in the country) and also all of you jammy sods who moved Ramsey into your teams this week – see Reaz’ Bangla Bazaar.   Week 4   Giroud continues to perform despite being constantly on injury watch (as with Sturridge) and Benteke continues to look quality. Perhaps RVP isn’t going to be crucial this year? So Michael Brooks’ Reem Team III remains top but Dario and Simon’s scores have really put Elliott’s Gameweek 4 to the sword. Taxi for Beercalona. P.S. You’ll note from the image below that I’m no longer focussed on the Top 5 since slipping out of it. Watch this graphic grow as I plummet down the league … Season to Week 4

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