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The Media Industry Fantasy Football league is showing a high standard across the board this year. I talked last week about the incredible performance of Danny Frondigoun, but thereafter it’s a strong chasing pack. Simon Johnson of ‘Alison at Home’ is doing his best to keep up the pressure on the number one spot by currently residing at 26,000 nationally. This would have been good enough to win the league last year but it’s still a fair few behind. It’s Danny’s to lose and all that. Following Simon we have 8 players filling the remainder of the Top Ten packed into a differentiation of just 45 points between them. One good or bad week means you can gain or drop many places in one go. Ben Robin of Singular, for example, notched up 84 points this week and jumped from 163,000 to 84,000 in one go. Looks like this will go on to be your highest finish in the game so far Ben. So, aside from Danny, it’s tight at the top. I’ve only set up a prize for the winner at the moment but if Danny Frondigoun continues to be so dominant then maybe I’ll look at rounding out a top 3 for next season. Hey Richard Edwards – what’s happened to you? Sudden implosion.  
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