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Aside from the golf ball sized piece of phlegm (or bird poo?) that entered Ashley Young’s mouth, I guess the biggest news from this weekend was the disastrous performance from Man United under Van Gaal. They really looked out of sorts in many areas of the pitch with Mata and Herrera being anonymous, Rooney mercurial, and the defence being exposed. Do we hang on to the Man U players or ditch them? Their opening fixtures are still strong.

Richard Edwards of Centaur is Top after Week 1

The biggest news for Richard Edwards of Centaur was the performance of his midfield which catapulted him to the top of the Media Industry Fantasy Football League and to the top 10,000 nationally. I think we’ll struggle to see more points from a midfield all season:
RE's midfield
Could this be the way forward?
In 2012/13 most points came from the big hitters in midfield (Michu, Cazorla, etc.). Last year produced a better showing for defenders with changes to the bonus points rules. Will we back to a strong midfield again? It means playing two up top for Richard so he’s really betting on the goals and assists coming from this lot. And why not? Richard was consistently knocking around in the Top 10 for most of last year so it’s no surprise to see such a strong start this year. Numerous other highly placed names are familiar too at the top this year. Promising starts from less familiar names include Stuart Hall of Ten Alps who’s never finished in the top 300,000 and to Rob Fulwell of Carlson Wagonlit Travel who came 800,000 in his inaugural year in 2012/13. A warning shot too from Matt Comley who’s looking to recapture the form of 2011/ 12 when he finished 52,000. A placing of 48,000 won the Media Industry Fantasy Football League last year let’s remember. All to play for. Let the transfers and wild cards commence: Media Industry Fantasy Football League after Week 1:
Top 15
Week 1

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