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The last few weeks have been really up and down. Last week I ranked over 4.5M and so didn’t even make it into the cup. This week I ranked 5745 which is probably my highest game week ever. It’s painful.

What is the best strategy in trying to deal with this? I’m thinking that it’s best to be super patient. As long as you buy a ‘traditionally good’ player and they have a decent run of fixtures then, if you can accept that the player might not score for a while, just hold and they will come good.

Hazard has done this so far this season. He’s been up and down but is currently the highest scoring player in the game.

Aubameyang would be a classic example of a player stuck in a rut right now. He looks to have been trolling managers for the past three weeks since so many moved him in. Tempted to get him out? Nah, he’ll serve up some double digit returns soon. Kane also falls into this category IMO.

Talking of big name strikers, Aguero is back soon. He remained on the bench at the weekend so could be tempting for some managers. Equally, Jesus is now delivering so their collective minutes could be managed over the busy Christmas period. 

Of our top managers, Richard Myles of Flume is having his best year-to-date. Ranked 3rd in our mini-league he’s 98,000 globally. Rich’s highest ever finish was 129K and his transfers have been pretty canny this year. Alonso from the start; recently brought in Felipe Andersen and Chicharito. Given The Hammer’s form then this two moves could be strong.

In second place is Tracey Webb. I still don’t know who this is. If anyone could let me know then I’d be much obliged.

Top of the pile is James Moss who is enjoying a sterling season. This manager can do little wrong having been in the top 26K for the past eleven weeks. He’s not used any chips other than his wild card and his history with FPL is robust. In the past seven seasons he’s not finished outside of the top 100K. Frankly, I can’t see James slipping too far down the ranks. One of us is going to have to reach up. Here’s the Top 10 after GW 17:

Top 10 after GW 17 for the 18/19 season

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