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Top 3 after GW 7 Is Kane looking to be essential for this weekend coming? His next game is Cardiff at home for goodness sake. I can’t get him with my new policy of not taking a hit but how I’d like to get him.¬†Only Lee Cashman from the top three has Kane currently. Surely that will change. Spurs are light in the middle, lacking Alli and Eriksen, but still, Cardiff are absolutely atrocious and could end up being the worst team we’ve ever seen so far in the Premiership. They’re not going to score goals and, for now, they’re not showing that they can shut out others’ attacks. Kane in if you can. What about Maguire too? He scored 18 points this week and has an incredible run of fixtures coming up: Everton, Arsenal, West Ham, Cardiff, Burnley, Brighton, Watford. He could be a strong option. Vardy too. Wolves offer incredible value right across the team. Pretty soon we’re all going to have three Wolves players. Anyone considering Sterling? He’s very expensive which is the problem. But he’s owned by just 4.4% of managers. He’s a fantastic differential. We all think Aguero is the obvious pick but his value is 4.5 compared to Sterling’s 4.3. This could change in one game and Sterling would be better value. Given the differential this is something worth looking at too. Here’s the Top 10 after GW 7:   Top 10 GW 17/18        

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