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Frédéric Filloux‘s Monday Note today made the interesting point that while many media outlets spend a great deal of resources to build data analytics, media buying agencies remain obsessed with volume. Agencies have limited time to achieve their client’s goals. By burying into too much analysis I guess it takes up too much time and minimises the numbers they’re reaching which will be too small to report back to the client. Of course it depends what these numbers look like and how much they cost. If you’re removing the excess fat and only paying for relevancy then all parties should be happier and the client should be pushing for this result, even at a higher CPA.  When advertising on LinkedIn, for example, one can limit the audience significantly by choosing a specific set of criteria. However this can often upset LinkedIn because the numbers become so small and, what, it’s not worth their while? If it’s the target audience one is looking for then this is good audience segmentation and effective marketing. Bring it on. Frederic then goes on to provide an excellent example, provided by Casper de Bono, the B2B Manager for the, of how his company managed to extract value from its trove of user data harvested through its pay-wall. De Bono used the example of an airline that asked to extract the people that logged on the site from at least four different places served by the airline in the last 90 days. The idea was to target these individuals with specific advertising — anyone can imagine the value of such customers… This is but an example of the’s ultra-precise audience segmentation. In Bangkok, with the Fast Movers | Monday Note.  

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